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Dive into a world of imagination!

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I Love You

From A To Z

A touching story that expresses various attributes that parents love about their children. Kids will learn their alphabet, while parents share their love from A to Z.

Coming Soon

The germ

Come along on an adventure with Little Fox as he learns about the epic tale of The Germ Empire. Discover what germs are and the importance of good hygiene in a fun and exciting adventure! 

The ink zone 







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What Stories

are up next?
Beautiful Blue (~A Little Fox Adventure ~about our oceans)

Sakari and the Forbidden Zone (Debut Chapter Book) 


(Comic book Satire about a hero who bends space and time


Meet The Characters

A young fox who learns about the world through his grandfather’s epic tales

Little Fox


Grandfather Fox

A loving Grandfather that uses creative and adventures stories to teach lessons to his grandson



A young girl of the Ahoto Tribe, who

is always looking for adventure


She is athletic and cleaver, but her stubbornness and her curiosity sometimes get her into trouble.

Image by Jaredd Craig

Sakari and the Forbidden Zone

     Many many years ago an overzealous scientist believed with the right equipment, they could travel to multiple dimensions by harnessing the power of a black hole. They were right. They sent a group of 10 men on this expedition. On their return, they brought with them an organism that they found in another dimension.  It had some sort of healing power that could even reverse illnesses.  They claimed that they would have returned with less men if it wasn’t for this extraordinary plant. 

    They began trying to reproduce this plant in the lab, but one of the chemicals they were using  had an adverse reaction. The plant started to multiple rapidly taking over the entire laboratory. It corroded away every  nonorganic substance in sight. It mutated every living organism it touched. They could not contain it. It began to spread and spread, leaving the people of earth no choice but to evacuate. 

They got as many people off of the earth as they could and took samples of they destructive organism with them in a special air locked container so they could one day find a way to reverse the effects and return to earth. Nearly 10 years later they had a break through. They were now nearing the tipping point to finding a cure. 

    Little did they know, there were survivors that were still living on the earth, who under the circumstances, had to revert back to a primitive  lifestyle. They lived in various tribes. Most of the earth seemed to have healed itself and returned to somewhat normal, except  with some differences. There were new creatures roaming the earth that seamed to have morphed with other creatures.  New plants and new fauna. There was also a Forbidden Zone (as the natives called it), that no one was to enter. It was home to the most dangerous morphed creatures. But to Sakari, a young girl of the Ahoto tribe, it sounded like just the adventure she was looking for. So she snuck off early one morning to explore The Forbidden Zone!

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